1 Year as a MuleSoft Meetup Speaker

Its been over a year since I took the plunge and jumped into the pool of talented MuleSoft Meetup speakers. After having some success as a MuleSoft Developer, I felt that I knew enough to share my experiences with others. It was not easy and I was very frightened. Common thoughts that came across my mind were:

  • What if they don't like me?

  • What if they think I'm a fraud?

  • What if I say something inaccurate?

To be honest, sometimes those negative thoughts still creep in my head from time to time. However, I have good news! Those thoughts go away as you continue to do meetups. Join me as I reflect on a year of MuleSoft meetups in which I had the honor of speaking. I will discuss my speaking engagements and share some lessons learned.

Benefits of a MuleSoft Meetup Speaker

Before I get into my reflection, I would like to mention the benefits that motivated me to become a Meetup speaker. Here is a short list:

  • Share knowledge with peers

  • Industry recognition

  • Networking opportunities

  • Recognition from MuleSoft

  • MuleSoft Training Vouchers

Now lets begin the recap!

Recap of Meetups where I was a guest speaker:

From September 2020 to October 2021 here are all my MuleSoft Meetup speaking engagements.

September 2020: How to prepare for certifications?

This meetup was where it all began! After sharing my tips with my connections on LinkedIn, I created this Meetup to share my tips with a wider audience. Check out this video here for my certification tips. Feel free to add your certification tips in the comments below.

July 2021: Has your file been tampered with?

In February of 2020, I created a blog post with demo code regarding file integrity in Mule 4. From that blog post, I created a MuleSoft Meetup talk and demonstration. Check out the video below. I fast forwarded the YouTube video 63 minutes. This takes you to the start of my talk.

October 2021: How to get started as a MuleSoft Content Creator?

I recently got the opportunity to provide a talk to MuleSoft Community members in Goa, India. This was my favorite meetup because it was my first international speaking event and I had the opportunity to share my passion for content creation with others. I also got to reconnect with my ex-coworker. It was truly an awesome experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Feel free to watch footage from the Goa MuleSoft Virtual meetup below.

October 2021 : How to start your tech blog from scratch? Wix Workshop

This meetup was pretty cool. I was given the opportunity to work on a Workshop series to help MuleSoft Meetup members build their own blog site using Wix. To learn how to build a blog site, check out the post here.

Lessons Learned

Speaking at Meetups may feel like a daunting task, but I have found joy in helping and introducing new concepts to my peers. I have learned to thoroughly prepare but its hard to have a perfect talk and/or demonstration so don't strive for perfection. Lastly, always look for feedback and view your talks so you can improve your public speaking and demonstration skills. This year I hope to continue my Meetup speaker journey while improving as a public speaker.

Conclusion with a word of advice

For those thinking about speaking at a meetup. Just do it! The benefits outweigh the apprehension. Speaking at meetups come with the awesome perk of training vouchers. You can literally fund your MuleSoft education as a meetup speaker. And guess what? You do not have to speak for the entire event. You can speak at a Meetup for as little as 15 minutes with multiple Meetup speakers. But that is not all! As a meetup speaker you get to help the global MuleSoft community, solidify your knowledge as you teach new concepts and work on your public speaking.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I enjoyed writing it! For more posts, please subscribe to my blog in the subscription form below. Comments and likes are also greatly appreciated!

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