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I'm Whitney Akinola, and thank you for taking time outta your busy schedule to come to my website. If you are like me, you may have experienced some uncertainty starting form

the pandemic, then the various tech layoffs, and finally, there was a boom.  AI hit the mainstream.

AI has always been around, but it has hit the mainstream. 

This has caused me feelings of uncertainty and insecurity in the tech space.


But you say Whitney isn't the tech space all about job security, and yes and no. But your skills can be good one day; the next day, they're no longer suitable. So what I am doing is I am taking the time To look at my skill set and to upskill.

This website is all about upskilling, and I believe I can create value for you. 


I have a background in computer science with over a decade of industry experience in software engineering and, most recently, integration engineering. But I believe I can be well-rounded, and I can learn other skills that will complement my already software integration and software engineering skills.

So join me as we future-proof our tech skills together.  Be sure to subscribe to this website for more content. 

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